Roads and Railways

The basis of the study of the road design is conducted by means of the prior analysis of the different design codes, (Italian or international), optionally still in the definition, for the purpose to use the main assumptions and highlight any limits (for comparison with standards of proven validity).

Road and Railway Construction Company: our purpose

The main purpose is to analyze the different objectives of the design, in terms of requalification or redesign of a route, highlighting:

  • The implementation of traffic safety conditions, ensuring certain levels of service;
  • The improvement of the conditions of regional accessibility;
  • The provision to the network with the connectivity features of the transportation system which is part of;
  • Contribute to the territorial reorganization aimed at rebalancing objectives of urban systems and punctual services of collective use;
  • Adaptation of the road networks in the proper purpose of civil protection, in order to be guaranteed the links for a certain region and / or pass through it.

The priorities among the different actions that make a set, or part, of these objectives will take into account:

  • The role assigned to each route in the context of the network and its efficiency, under the profile of the service to be provided, the operational reliability and environmental problems that characterize it;
  • The type of the adaptation needed in order to evaluate the programs as a whole, then managing organic actions that can ensure significant scale of economies in respect of uniform performance standards;
  • The dynamics of the different processes, they depend on the functional obsolescence laws, to identify the temporal horizon of intervention that ensures cost containment through the recovery of existing infrastructure.

What our Road and Railway Construction Company ensure

On the design of a roadway the law n. 109, February 11, 1994, "framework for public works Law" states that the project is in compliance with the existing constraints, previously established, and of the predetermined spending limits, according to three successive levels of technical discussions, in preliminary draft , definitive and executive, in order to ensure:

  • The quality of the work and compliance of the final purposes;
  • Compliance with environmental and urban planning regulations;
  • To meet the essential requirements, as defined by national and EU general regulation.

Road construction and railway design follows an iterative process that subordinates the technical choices, although the classification of the different routes part of the network, checking for effects caused, in order to achieve the best balance between functional requirements, economic and environmental, which ensures the best budget impact.

The solution of our Road and Railway Construction Company

The solutions we propose to our clients include different methods of construction, stabilization, drainage, scour protection and reduction of environmental impacts. We always take into consideration cost optimization, ease of maintenance and possibility of further developments.

The design is assisted by automatic calculation programs such as Bentley Moss Mx, AutoCAD Civil 3D and Digicorp Civil Design, through which you can analyze the possible solutions to problems encountered by getting all project documents such as plan profiles and sections in addition the verification of the standards and regulation , verification of visibility and the calculation of quantities and material movements.