Hydraulic Structures, Maritime Engineering, Dams

SGAI has been operating as a consultant and a designer in the field of hydraulic works, dams and maritime-fluvial works for more than 40 years.

For these experiences and know-how SGAI can follow the design of work since feasibility study with the hydrological, hydraulic and hydrogeological assessments combined with the topography and the evaluation of the optimal storage volumes in relation to the hydrological and hydraulic regimes.

Also the approach on different dams is faced in the feasibility phase, together with a careful evaluation and study of the interferences and the environmental and social impact of the work.

Thanks to our experience and the close collaboration of our team, made up of engineers and geologists, in the study of soil-structure interaction, our strengths are also the planning and interpretation of geotechnical investigations, the evaluation of solutions for the land consolidation in the maritime environment and calculations with cutting-edge software.

In order to do this, SGAI uses the most updated software to:

  • Hydrologic-hydraulic Statistical calculations;
  • Hydrological study of watersheds and hydrological simulations;
  • Temporal simulations with hydrological series of the reservoir behavior and related ancillary works (hydroelectric energy produced in the course of the time, water supply for waterworks etc.);
  • Simulation of the break/collapse of the body dam and assessment of the risk and damage, preventive and corrective actions;
  • Simulation of the propagation of flood waves in rivers in variable and permanent motion, for the identification of flood limits and delimitation of areas with different levels of flood risk;
  • Analysis and processing of data related to the verification and hydraulic design of maritime works, including the structural design of the main and ancillary works;
  • Risk assessment, vulnerability evaluation.