Water, Mineral Water, Environmental Geology

The specialized sector of SGAI On Waters, and mineral and thermal waters, started in the seventies, when the geologist E. Forlani was pioneer of the first major hydro geological studies, hydromineral and plant engineering of italian waters and mineral waters, at the same period of time Forlani developed hydrogeological studies for Africa – Sahel after disastrous drought of that years.

Subsequently over time was consolidated as SGAI refered as a high level company in the research sector of water, thermal and mineral water, and public waters, hydrogeological studies, and also service and design of acqueducts, purification plants, bottling plants or plants for spas and thermal beauty treatment centers, with the use of the most modern monitoring methods and hydrochemical and isotopic modeling, hydrogeological and structural, and on site surveys.

The studies of hydrogeological supply structures of public, spa, thermal and mineral sources allow the evaluation of available potential of water, and the design of water collection works in order to utilize the resources, in accordance with environmental and hydro geological sustainability, to the elaboration of resource management plans, structural design and plant engineering of the source protection works, to the abstraction network and facilities of resource utilization.

The company performs on site work supervision activities, starting from hydrogeological research phase through exploratory drilling until the collection and verification of intake work execution.

It uses advanced techniques, collection and use of materials. It is also responsible for hygene and health protection of groundwater through delimitation of sources from safeguarded zones. This guarantees complete protection and enhancement of precious natural groundwater resources. The verification of such sustainability is performed by means of monitoring.

The software development along with the purchase of modern survey instrumentation and monitoring for hydraulic, hydro chemical and thermographic groundwater, enables the company to cover at 360 degrees the entire spectrum of water resource management: research in all geological-hydrogeological case studies, abstraction design, use management, enhancement and sustainable hydrogeological development, environmental and territorial, in compliance with natural balances.