Eco-Tourism Center in Marinagri - Policoro

  • Location - Country: Italy - Policoro (Matera)
  • Time frame: 2000-2007
  • Works amount: € 137'196'122.00
  • Scope of works: Preliminary and executive design about Eco-Tourism Center in Marinagri - Policoro
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Aim of project proposed by Marinagri Company is to promote tourism in Agri river area and part of the Policoro coast. Marinagri is an "ecological city" built on a 2.7 km segment on Ionic coast in Basilicata. The project is completely integrated into environmental, in a 350 hectares area characterized by unique naturalistic aspects.

Definitive design included a touristic port with restaurants, bar, shops, shipyard, services, accommodation facilities (4 and 5 stars), more than 1000 real estate units located on artificial lagoons connected by roads and bridges and sport facilities.

SGAI S.r.l. did geological studies, general and detailed design of the maritime and infrastructural works (as roads, bridge foundations, consolidation works, geotechnical engineering works ).