Civil and Industrial Structures

SGAI company has developed high and valuable experience, over the years, in many engineering and geological fields, from geology/hydrogeology studies to design and construction management of large civil engineering structures, characterized by high architectural value.

The know-how gained over the years in the fields of geotechnical and civil infrastructure have had a natural evolution also in the area of major civil engineering structures, in close contact with more and more demanding general contractor also in terms of aesthetic and not only of solutions in purely structural field.

We have developed experience in the design and renovation of public and private buildings in Italy and abroad, also using new technologies in BIM.

Our competences include the monitoring and analysis of the seismic vulnerability of existing buildings.

We have developed experience in the design and renovation of public and private buildings in Italy and abroad, also using new technologies in BIM.

Thanks to our experience and the strong collaboration of our team, made up of engineers and geologists, in the study of soil-structure interaction, our strength is the design of foundation works with complex boundary conditions.

Examples in this area can be represented by the works for the construction of large railway stations, such as the design of works in reinforced concrete for the futuristic Train Station Mediopadana for High Speed (project arch. Santiago Calatrava), the design of the civil works for the Minimetro of Perugia (project arch. Jean Nouvel), the tender study for the new football stadium of Juventus Club in Turin.

In recreational area, we quote the Structural Design and the Construction Management of the Park “Oltremare” in Riccione (project arch. George Lorenzon), Structural Design and Construction Management for the extension of the golf course “Riviera Golf” in San Giovanni in Marignano (project architect . Graham Cooke).

In the industrial area, we quote the restoration work of the historical plant of the “Terme di Uliveto” and structural reinforcement interventions in the new bottling plant in the town of Uliveto Terme, the storage pit of the steelworks smoke including shafts and ancillary works for the landfill “Ponte Nossa”; the “Valpharma “ complex in San Marino made up from the convention center and the shopping center, the new Agribusiness Market in Catania.

In purely building area, both new buildings and residential buildings (design of residential towers in Salerno, executive design of a residential complex in Monte Colombo, detailed design and construction supervision of a residential complex in Montefiore Conca) have been designed as recovery interventions of historic buildings (analysis of damaged structures of the Cathedral of Nicosia, analysis of the foundations state of the Grand Hotel in Rimini, analysis of the structural safety of the “Orsi Palace” of Forlì).

To do this, the company has human resources and technological support for the development of designs; it has the latest software concerning:

The softwares used by the SGAI Studio in the various engineering sectors is shown below:

  • Architectural Design, for the study of geometry, even complicated, and for the preventive analysis and for the interferences resolution (bi-dimensional CAD software, BIM), including the computation of the processing;
  • Geotechnics Design for the study of the foundations and soil-structure interactions (various geotechnical finite element softwares 2D and 3D software and finite differences softwares);
  • Structural Design for the study of the superstructure in static and seismic conditions, with static and dynamic analysis (various three-dimensional structural finite element softwares and sections verification softwares in different materials, also prestressed and inspections in case of fire).