TAP - Flooding study Fier

  • Location - Country: Albania - Fier
  • Client: Renco S.p.A.
  • Time frame: 2015-2019
  • Works amount: € 40'000'000.00
  • Scope of works: Trans Adriatic Pipeline Project – Gas Compression Stations in Greece and Albania. Job 7920 - Flooding study Fier area with HEC-RAS modeling
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The Trans Adriatic Pipeline (TAP) transports methane from the Turkish-Greek border to Italy, crossing Greece, Turkey and the Adriatic Sea. The infrastructure will allow diversifying the gas supply in European markets, allowing the transit of 10 to 20 billion m³ of natural gas per year, depending on the progress of the works. To allow the transportation of gas through the pipes, it must be pressurized in various sites. Therefore, in the first phase of the project, the sites where the two compression stations will be built were identified: one in Kipoi (GCS00 - Greece) and the other in Fier (ACS03 - Albania). The ACS03 compression station is located in a floodable area near the city of Fier.

In particular, for thecompression station of Fier (Albania), SGAI S.r.l. has developed a one-dimensional and two-dimensional modeling in order to assess the flood levels of the area and therefore define the input data for the design of the foundations of the station works. Subsequently it assessed, through hydrological-hydraulic studies, any flooding of the access roads to the site.