SS 1 Nuova Aurelia - Access road to Savona Port Hub

  • Location - Country: Italy - Savona
  • Client: Letimbro Scarl
  • Time frame: 2012 - 2019
  • Works amount: € 145’373’827,00
  • Scope of works: Detailed revised design of related works of "SS 1 Nuova Aurelia- Access road to Savona Port Hub - Interconnection between A10 tollbooth Savona and Albisola and Savona and Vado harbours: revision of road Aurelia (SS 1) in segment between Savona (Letimbro river) and Albisola Superiore. Miramare area: design and safety work on slope ramp H.
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This works concerns SS1 Nuova Aurelia design and construction, acess roads to Savona Port Hub, connection between A10 tollbooth Savona and Albisola and Savona and Vado harbours. Revised design of SS1 Aurelia is part of a broad projet, its aim is to adapt the entire Liguria transport system. This revision is configured as a tangential axis to Savona, developing for about 5.1 km, along an ideal city boundary. Its functions is to collect and distribute traffic in order to decrease traffic inside the city and on costal roads. Road starts in Savona with a junction in Corso Ricci , near the Letimbro torrent to the north of motorway (Svincolo Letimbro), and ends in Albisola Superiore (Svincolo Sansobbia), at the intersection with Via Saettone. The project includes construction of four new tunnels (three excavated by TBM with a diameter of 13.60 m and one in traditional method) and five bridges. More than 75% of route develops underground. Miramare junction is one of the most delicate nodes point, because it required an excavation with important volumes, embankment consolidation at the East entrance of Cappuccini tunnel and construction of an extraction chamber for TBM in West entrance. SGAI S.r.l. did Detailed design of major and minor works, design hydraulics road platform, hydraulic studies to dispose rainwater and dripping water, study road paving concrete solution, fire protection and ventilation system, geotechnical and geological planning.