RAILWAY LINE Genova Sampierdarena - French border

  • Location - Country: Italy - Genova
  • Client: COOPSETTE Soc. Coop.
  • Time frame: 2008-2012
  • Works amount: € 18'067'255.06
  • Scope of works: Detailed design of "Realization and upgrading interventions of freight railway in Genova: replacement of steel beams of Polcevera bridge at 0+995 km of Genova - Ventimiglia line and revision of track in the section between 0+730 km and 1+335 km where is an interference with the new roads in Canepa riviera
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Project include realization of a revised alignment, in rail line Genova Sampierdarena - French border, from km 0+730 to km 1+355. It is also planned an existing bridge demolition and realization of a new bridge on Polcevera torrent, and its connected works. Concerning modernization works, R.F.I. has requested replacing existing decks on Bivio Cornigliano- Sampierdarena Smistamento rail line, from progressive 0+159 to 0+179 km, in Genova. Rail line pass over roundabout in Largo Jursè Street, Degala street corner. Design included two new steel decks (Work B), consolidation of foundation and elevation structures and lateral enlargement of abutment and piles (downstream side). SGAI s.r.l. carried out the track variant design (even and odd rail), executive design of new Polcevera bridge (Work A) and Largo Jursè bridge (Work B). Also did minor works design as box-shaped structures, walls, bulkheads, and other related works; hydraulic rail platform design, hydraulic protection design (inside ad ouside riverbed).