Port of Pescara

  • Location - Country: Pescara - Italy
  • Client: Nuova CO.ED.MAR - ARPAM
  • Time frame: 2021
  • Works amount: € 6'092'646,34
  • Scope of works: Executive design for the completion of the mouth groynes and rooting reef of the Port of Pescara
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The Port Channel of Pescara located in the final reach of the river Pescara includes the Commercial Dock, the Port Channel and the Tourist Port. The Port Regulatory Plan [2008], of which the project is a first excerpt, aims to completely separate the port functions from the river course, strongly limit the current problems of sedimentation in the port areas, reduce the influence of the river groynes on the coasts West of the mouth of the river, avoid the silting up of the canal and the external operational basin and improve the flow of the Pescara river in the urban zone that is subject to flooding.

The main works covered by this service concerning: the creation of the mouth groynes and the rooting reef. The mouth groynes is made with an overflowing cliff covered in tetrapods with an altitude of + 5.50 m a.s.l. on a seabed of -10 m a.s.l. The mouth groynes length is 120 m. The rooting reef will raise the overgrown barrier up to a level of +1.40 m a.s.l. and will extend for 500 m from the shoreline to the opening of the breakwater, maintaining the trace of the definitive dockside. The work will be in loose materials and will incorporate the existing one. The main design issues covered were: the updating of sea levels following the in-depth hydrodynamic study after the realization of the final design, the verification of the works according to the variation of bathymetric heights, the response to the prescriptions collected in the Conference of Services, the evaluation of liquefaction and the subsidence of the works.