Hydraulic regimentation of the stream Scoltenna

  • Location - Country: Modena - Italy
  • Client: Regione Emilia Romagna
  • Time frame: 2020
  • Works amount: € 441´394,85
  • Scope of works: Preliminary, definitive and executive design for the intervention of hydraulic water regulation and consolidation of the banks in landslide along the Scoltenna creek
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Scoltenna stream is the main tributary of the Panaro River. The section covered by the project is located within the Municipality of Lama Mocogno (MO), upstream of the Pian della Valle bridge, where there is an instability that affected the basal portions of the Lama Mocogno landslide body. The planned works have the purpose of reducing the hydrogeological risk by improving the hydraulic regulation and the stability of the banks of the stream in a section characterized by landslides in progress due to bank erosion.

To support the preliminary design, various inspections and geological surveys were carried out which revealed 3 areas considered to be at the highest hydrogeological risk. After studying the possible solutions, also in terms of costs to be incurred, it was decided to intervene in the “Pian della Valle area”. The hydrological study made it possible to identify the flow hydrograms necessary for the subsequent hydraulic model. The rainfall-runoff model was created with the HEC-HMS software. The Ante and Post Operam hydraulic models have been implemented with the HEC-RAS software with unsteady flow and one-dimensional analysis. The final project included: the restoration of a ripped weir to reduce the slope of the stream, the lining of the riverbed and the banks with cyclopean boulders downstream of the new weir and the construction of a drainage trench for the control of sub-surface waters upstream of the landslide body.