VIADUCTSS - SS 1 Nuova Aurelia - Access road to Savona Port Hub

  • Location - Country: Italy - Savona
  • Client: Letimbro Scarl
  • Time frame: 2012 - 2019
  • Works amount: € 145’373’827,00
  • Scope of works: Detailed revised design of related works of "SS 1 Nuova Aurelia- Access road to Savona Port Hub - Interconnection between A10 tollbooth Savona and Albisola and Savona and Vado harbours: revision of road Aurelia (SS 1) in segment between Savona (Letimbro river) and Albisola Superiore. Miramare area: design and safety work on slope ramp H.
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This works concerns SS1 Nuova Aurelia design and construction, acess roads to Savona Port Hub, connection between A10 tollbooth Savona and Albisola and Savona and Vado harbours. Revised design of SS1 Aurelia is part of a broad projet, its aim is to adapt the entire Liguria transport system.There are three viaducts in the variant Executive Project: "La Rusca" Viaduct, which crosses the Letimbro creek, built with a metal deck with a first span in simple support (32m) and 2 continuous spans of 75m each, is a lower street structure with main trusses to limit the overall visual impact; the "Grana" Viaduct in order to bypass the existing industrial area, with a mixed steel-concrete structure with a static continuous beam pattern on seven bays (span length 20 + 25 + 25 + 25 + 25 + 25 + 20 = 165m); the "Sansobbia" Viaduct, which crosses the stream of the same name, initially envisaged the enlargement on the mountain side of the existing Pertini bridge, 115m long and consisting of 5 spans of 23m in simple support, with 4 prefabricated pre-compressed beams for each bay (box type with collaborating slab cast in situ) with a final width of 20.50m of the deck of which 5m at the sidewalk. Expansion is expected from one side only. During the executive design, following the new requirements, of the construction company and the Municipality of Albisola Superiore, to maintain the cycle/pedestrian path and at the same time optimize the execution of the Sansobbia viaduct, both in terms of costs and time was evaluated the technical feasibility of a hypothetical variation of the bridge configuration. A new hypothesis has been developed that foresees the adoption of separate decks for the two directions of travel, in such a way as to avoid all the operations of solidarization of the decks, adjustment of bearings, joints and at the same time guaranteeing the necessary dimensions for the cycle-path route. In this way it is also possible to keep the traffic open even during the realization phases of the new viaduct and the optimizations on the existing one.