TBM - SS 1 Nuova Aurelia - Access road to Savona Port Hub

  • Location - Country: Italy - Savona
  • Client: CMC
  • Time frame: I phase 2010 - 2011 _ II phase 2012 - 2019
  • Works amount: I phase € 130’164’012,19 _ II phase € 145’373’827,00
  • Scope of works: Detailed revised design of related works of "SS 1 Nuova Aurelia- Access road to Savona Port Hub - Interconnection between A10 tollbooth Savona and Albisola and Savona and Vado harbours: revision of road Aurelia (SS 1) in segment between Savona (Letimbro river) and Albisola Superiore. Miramare area: design and safety work on slope ramp H.
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The works in question concern the design and construction of the SS1 Nuova Aurelia, access road to the Port of Savona in the section between the Letimbro junction and Albisola Superiore. The road section called Variante on the SS1 Aurelia is part of a broad context produced by the need to adapt the entire transport system of Liguria. The Variante is configured, as a whole, as a tangential axis to the city of Savona, developing according to an ideal city boundary for a total of about 5.1 km and fulfilling the functions of collecting and/or distributing traffic coming and going from the areas to more intense urbanization, decongesting the coastal roads from the crossing flows and returning most of the city road network to local traffic. SGAI S.r.l. took care of the Executive-Construction design of major and minor works of art, of the design of road platform hydraulics, of geotechnical and geological design. With regard to the "Special Foundations" design category, to give an example, SGAI S.r.l. has carried out both the design and the geotechnical verification of the completion structure of the TBM extraction chamber of the Cappuccini artificial tunnel, west entrance. In particular, using a finite element three-dimensional calculation code (Plaxis 3D), it was verified the behavior of the bulkhead-ground system, following the resistance contribution offered by the frontal consolidation foreseen in the project, and the stability of the excavation front, analyzing both static and seismic conditions.