ROADS - Oltremare

  • Location - Country: Italy - Riccione
  • Time frame: 2000-2004
  • Works amount: € 54'227'974.40
  • Scope of works: Detailed design, construction supervision, laboratory tests and surveys for the realization of the theme park Oltremare
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The areas covered by the intervention are located on the Riccione Hill (Rimini Province) between Via Berlinguer, Via Pistoia, Via Toscana and Via Ascoli Piceno covering an area of about 122,000 square meters. The entrance will take place from the Ascoli Piceno street next to the current entrance of the «AQUAFAN» park.

SGAI S.r.l. design various interventions that can be summarized in several main sectors, such as:

  • Geotechnical works;
  • Civil engineering structural works;
  • Road works;
  • Drainage and hydraulic regulation works;
  • Geology and laboratory tests and situ geotechnical tests.

The project of the new marine flora and fauna theme park «OLTREMARE»  also includes the completion of an urban section of road way on the perimeter of the area being covered. The new road section is classified as a urban street of type “E” (330m length) and the adaptation of an existing branch (350m length) to the geometric features imposed by the legislation (D.M. 5 November 2001). The intersections between the different road branches introduced and the existing roadway have been modified by introducing wide roundabouts, thus allowing better traffic outflow and facilitating the manoeuvres of buses coming to/from attractive new pole.

The intervention also includes the project of the meteoric water disposal and regimation system of its catchment basin. In fact, there are also two lamination tanks on the ground (volume of 750 and 550 m3) complete with the technical system necessary for the hydraulic regulation of the exhaust.