Port of Marina di Pisa

  • Location - Country: Italia - Pisa
  • Client: CMC
  • Time frame: 2011-2012
  • Works amount: € 32'000'000.00
  • Scope of works: Variant Executive design and Detailed Executive design of the maritime works of touristic port of Marina di Pisa, related to the works of the project «Piano di recupero dell'area ex Motofides»
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The new touristic port of "Marina di Pisa" contains a free surface available for the moving and mooring of boats of 61,560 m2, net of the size of the piers. The outside port offers an additional area for the entrance and the moving of the vessels equal to 11,084 m2. The planimetric development of the port also includes the construction of a small dock which, net of the footprint of the pedestrian walkway that delimits it, offers a free surface of 610 m2 for the landing of small recreational boats. Overall, the water mirror enclosed by the port works and therefore visible in the plan when the work is finished amounts to 73,254 m2.

SGAI S.r.l. took care of the works relating to the critical analysis of the executive project and the identification of variant solutions, verification and sizing of the pier piles and north pier foundations diaphragms; structural design of the heads of the north and south offshore wharves and detailed construction design of the underground car parks of the North pier.