Conca Dam

  • Location - Country: Italy - S.Giovanni in Marignano
  • Client: HERA S.p.A.
  • Time frame: 2005
  • Works amount: -
  • Scope of works: Management project of the reservoir «Conca Dam» according to the instructions of Ministerial Decree 30 june 2004, under Article 40 Comma 2 of D.L. 11 may 1999 N.152
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SGAI s.r.l. did for HERA a geological, geotechnical and hydrological - hydraulic study about the hydraulic management review of the tidal barrage on Conca river, evaluating the sedimentation level and the reduction of useful capacity of the reservoir. Subsequently hydraulic control are made, in order to evaluate hydrological - hydraulic safety based on thecnichal and scientific improvement in hydrogeological field and on data collected during the operation time of the basin.

The main management issues of the reservoir are due to the strong sedimentation caused both by the predominantly clay and very erodable nature of the soils of the tributary watershed and by the prolonged closure of the discharge system in the early years of activity of the dam. Therefore, an accurate sediment characterization, estimation of debris accumulation and its sedimentation speed was required by carrying out extensive site and laboratory investigation campaigns. Since the reservoir is located near the Adriatic sea, in a strongly urbanized context typical of the Rimini Riviera, specific tests were conducted to assess the impact of anthropogenic activities on water quality.