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General Informations

S.G.A.I. was established in 1961 as a private office called"Studio di Geologia Applicata e Ingegneria di Edmondo Forlani", and became in 1982 a Company named:
"Studio di Geologia Applicata e Ingegneria di E.Forlani & C. - S.G.A.I. S.r.l."
S.G.A.I is a professional consulting firm bringing together expertise from a variety of disciplines to provide a full scope of technical services. The company is based near Rimini , Italy, and serves a wide range of clients, public and private, including municipal, governmental agencies, educational, commercial, industrial establishments, individuals and developers.

- Legal Adress: Morciano di Romagna (RN) -47833- Via Mariotti n. 20
- Phone numbers: 0541 / 988277 - 988972
- Fax numbers: 0541 / 987606
- Email: <>
- Partita IVA: 01894420403
- Codice Fiscale: 00772250411
- Iscrizione al Tribunale di: Rimini n° 9781
- Iscrizione alla C.C.I.A.A. di: Rimini n° 226314
- Establishing Date: 1961
- General Manager: FORLANI EDMONDO

SGAI is entered as n. X 099 of Engineering Service at FED CEE Bruxelles.

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S.G.A.I. General Manager

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Pubblications (E.Forlani)

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