SGAI Engineering

SGAI srl of E. Forlani specialises and has capabilities in project design, consulting and reasearches in engineering, geology, hydrogeology and envirnoment, since 1961.

Main fields of work are:

  • Engineering Design
    • Geotechnical Design
      • Tunnels and large scale underground works
      • foundations and special foundations
    • Infrastructures:
      • roads, railways and airports
    • Bridges and viaducts
    • Roads design
    • Hydraulic works (maritime and fluvial constructions)
      • Dams
      • Ports
      • Coastal  protection
      • fluvial protecnion
    • Civil buildings and industrial buildings
    • Plants:
      • Hydraulic plants
      • Water bottling plants
      • Heating and air conditioning
      • Industrial sanification plants
    • Water supllies and sewage
    • Quarries and mines
    • Landfills and waste diposal

  • Geological, hydrogeological and environmental studies, surveys and research
    • Geological and geomorphological surveys, study and interpretation
    • Hydrologic, hydrographic and hydraulic surveys, study and evalutations
    • Getechnical and geomechanical sruverys
    • Water, water supplies, mineral waters and thermal mineral waters
    • Hydrogeological
    • Environmental
    • Mines and quarries

  • Software development
    • Engineering software development
    • Services and utilities
    • Quality and administrations

Structural Engineering

Internal Forum