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Principal Activities of S.G.A.I.

Geology | Geotechnics | Hydrogeology and Dams | Tunnels | Road, Railway - Bridges and Structures | Ports, Marine and Fluvial Works | Special Structures | Thermal and Mineral Water | Soil Testing | Rock Testing

Geology :


  • Geological Survey
  • Geological Map Execution and Interpretation
  • Stratigraphic, structure-contour and tectonic map
  • Project of field investigation, geological survey and on-site attendance
  • Messina - Palermo Motor-way Patti - Buonfornello segment Lot 27 - 2nd part. Geotechnical and executive Project of "Colonna" tunnel (Palermo)
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    Hydrogeology and Dams :

    • Water researches and water supply for potable or industrial uilisation
    • Water researches and water supply for Thermal utilisation
    • Hydrologic studies
    • Project of irrigation works
    • Project of artificial recharge
    • Hydrography and fluvial study
    • Conca' s river Dam
    • Project and researches in Mauritania, Dubai, Ivory Coast, Comoros Island, Somalia, Yemen Arab Republic, El Salvador, Iran, Tanzania, Nigeria, Kenya, Burkina Faso, Turkmenistan, Lebanon, Turkey, Morocco, Algeria, Argentina, Senegal, Nigeria, Libya, Thailand, Philippines, Greece, Switzerland, Turkey, Jugoslavia.
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    Geotechnics :

    • Geological survey on rock and soils
    • Structure-contour map.
    • Evaluation of safety factor for soil and rock slopes (using: the limit equilibrium theory, finite element method or the explicit finite difference formulation)
    • Project of Specail Foundations, Pile, Retaining Wall, Anchored or free bulkhead, (using non linear finite element method)
    • Strengthening works (landslides ..)
    • Geotechnical survey, project for the special foundations of "El Harrach" treatment plant - Algiers
    • Hydrogeological researches and works supervision for the wells drilling in connection with the Manila water-supply - Philippines
    • Study and final design of the intake works and water lifting system for Rio Lempa - El Salvador
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    Tunnels :

    • Study and Project of tunnel for road, railway, mine and sewer
    • Study and Project of Strengthening of existing tunnel.
    • Study and Project of Extension.
    • San Remo variant to State Road SS 1 "Aurelia". Geotechnical study for preliminary and final project of tunnels and foundation works. Final project for Bussana, Poggio, Ratella, San Remo tunnels
    • Road "Fondo valle Sauro" - Lot. I: Corleto Perticara - Laurenzana segment Project of the cross tunnel and of the bridges on the mountain segment; Geotechnical services
    • Project for the tunnels of Milan - Genoa high speed railway line (included cross tunnel for 24 Km of total length). Tunnels: Righi - P. Principe - Mount Moro - Goresina - Geminiano - Boschi - Madonna delle Grazie - Flavia. Slants: Rio Carbonasca - Ponte dell'Acqua - Castagnola.(Genoa)
    • Geotechnical services - study and project for the underground railway at Algeri - Lot 3 and 4
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    Road, Railway - Bridges and Structures :

    • Study and Project of Road
    • Study and Project of Underpass
    • Study and Project of Bridges ad Viaducts;
    • Study and Project of Special Foundation
    • Study and Project of Airports
    • Link between Genoa airport interchange of A10 motor-way and State Road SS 1 "Aurelia", the C. Colombo Airport, the "sopraelevata" and the State Road SS 35. Final design of the Coronata and Colombara tunnels and of the viaducts foundations (Genoa)
    • Sestri Levante - Livorno motor-way - ramification for Viareggio, Lucca and La Spezia A12 interchange for Florence Livorno speedway - geotechnical study for the preliminary and final project of the entire work (Livorno)
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    Ports - Marine and Fluvial Works  :

    • Hydraulic Settlements for streams and rivers
    • Fluvial Study, flood forecast and sluicing evaluation
    • Hydrography
    • Project of Breakwater
    • Sestri Levante - Livorno and Fornola - La Spezia motor-way Link with the port of La Spezia - State Road SS 331. Geotechnical study and project for the infrastructures and a tunnel under the port of la Spezia
    • Study of hydrography - preliminary and final design for the marina of Fano. (Pesaro)
    • Geotechnical study - works project and geotechnical supervision for the dry dock of Ravenna harbour
    • Hydrography and fluvial study and project of structural works, as well as works supervision of the special works for the inner harbour of Rimini
    • Study - preliminary and final design (in course) for the Senatello dam on Marecchia river. 52 m. high earth dam. (Pesaro)
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    Special Structures :

    • Consolidation and Rebuild of Monuments and Ancient Place
    • Project for the Tiberio bridge strengthening works - (Rimini)
    • Geotechnical and geological study of the S. Caterina of Mistretta Church consolidation (Messina)
    • Technical Direction of the archaeological excavation (underground) Holy Home of Loreto.(Ancona)
    • Geotechnical geological and Project engineering of the Rebuild of "Palazzo Antaldi" (Saving Bank of Pesaro) (Pesaro)
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    Thermal and Mineral Water :

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    Soil Testing :

    • Atterberg Limits, Specific Gravity, Humidity degree
    • Consolidation test
    • Permeability test
    • Triaxial test and shear test in drained or undrained condition
    • Absorption Spectrophotometry
    • Special Test.
    • CBR Test
    • The Laboratory is working from the 70s and is full integrated with a sophisticated electronic system of automatic data acquisition
    • The laboratory is working in quality system (ISO 9000).
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    Rock Testing :

    • Dry specific weight, and with saturation, porosity, effective porosity
    • Compression test
    • Triaxial Compression test (Hooke cell)
    • Los Angeles test
    • Carbonate grade test
    • Special Triaxial Test on core specimen (150 mm diameter) of rocks and weak rocks with creep and viscosity determination.
    • Triaxial testing equipment of macrospecimen of weak rocks (ASTM). Only a few in the world
    • The laboratory is working in quality system (ISO 9000)
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